Slave Relationships VS Vanilla Relationships

You may be asking yourself what is a vanilla relationship? Well the word vanilla can be described as anything basically non-kink. You can be considered to be in a  vanilla relationship while maintaing a vanilla job, or particpate in vanilla sex while attending vanilla activities. The word vanilla isn't a shun but more an easier way to categorize both fantasy and reality of the act itself.The beauty of both vanilla and slave relationships are that they can be intertwined but require deep levels of communication to achieve. If somone says they attended a vanilla event it simply means kink or erotic play wasn’t present. When embarking on a either relationships knowing what will be expected is key to optimizing the most out of either situations.

I deem slave relationships offer a connection as deep if not deeper than marriage for a multitude of reasons. One reason being before you enter your BDSM journey you are fully aware that you are missing something or have an increase in your sexual desire. In that mental capacity you are in a place of "consciousness". The knowing of oneself offers its own euphoric experience that allows you to connect past a surface level. I'm not saying this isn't achievable in a vanilla scenario as well but it is more likely in BDSM because typically a person did a lot of self evaluation before actually stemming up the courage to experience this first hand. Well unless you are me with a more daredevil personality you probably waited a few weeks, months and or years.

 Another reason BDSM relationships to me flourish verses some vanilla relationships it offers a simple breakdown protector and protected. Even in hardcore scenes the master or mistress has the responsibility to ensure the scenes are all achievable in a safe manner. It is the other parties duty to offer a sense of love and protection which sometimes can be faulty in other relationships during times of conflict. In vanilla relationships the protocols can change over time or simply not be well established to begin with. In leaving those spaces for confusion or emptiness within the relationship it's made clear contractually or verbally.  


Lastly, you gain a therapeutic best friend. I mean in my BDSM relationships I have spent countless hours just digging in the mental pots of my submissive to understand them as a whole.They pick my brain to find the many ways they can please me. I mean we all learn at some point how to please but when you make the focus the growth on the experience to know and to feel its like is there anything that can compare? I deem not! 

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